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What if your email app could think?

Auto event detection

SlideMail automatically converts emails to calendar events

Sometimes you get too busy and emails fall through. SlideMail can be there to help.

SlideMail looks for cues in natural language such as "dinner at 5pm tomorrow" or "want to grab coffee next month?" to automatically create reminders inside the app. When the time comes, SlideMail can resurface emails that might have slipped through the cracks.

Smart and Adaptive

SlideMail adapts to how you use your email

Let's say you've subscribed to a newsletter but you always archive it immediately. Why can't an email app adapt to your behavior?

SlideMail can learn as you use it and intelligently suggest emails to archive or to keep as they come in. It makes triaging through your inbox a whole lot faster.


SlideMail can help sort and contextualize your email

SlideMail can use the information inside an email to create a better experience by detecting whether an email is a receipt, a newsletter or is a email from a person you may know.

If SlideMail detects that the email is an event, it can help you find it on a map. If it detects that its a flight, it can bring up the latest schedules.


Delete the app and all your data is gone with it

Most mobile email clients store a copy of your inbox on their server. We don't.

All the processing happens within the SlideMail app itself. Whether you're syncing through Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, or any other IMAP based email service, your emails will never be stored outside of your app. If you delete the application from your phone, your data is gone for good.