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Lead iOS Engineer

Leads all development on the iOS application

SlideMail (YC S14) is looking for a lead iOS engineer to join us in our journey of building the next generation email app.

If you feel like you're a pretty darn good iOS developer and want to test your development chops, look no further because mail is really freakin' hard!

About SlideMail

We want to save people time. The company was founded when we essentially just lost all patience for mail. We threw together some macros using NLP and machine learning and SlideMail was born. We feel like there's yet to be a solution for mobile mail and we know we can be the ones to solve it.

How can we utilize technology to aid users in handling their mail? How can we design email to adapt to changes in user behavior in the future?

These are some of the questions you can help us answer.

What we’re looking for

  • Hopefully you know iOS because this is a job posting for an iOS developer. If you're not an iOS developer, I don't know how you made it this far but congratulations. Feel free to email us anyways!

  • You know how to design and implement robust integration / UI tests for iOS

  • You're at least somewhat familiar with how mail works (Huge bonus points if you know the ins and outs of IMAP and SMTP)

  • You've shipped at least a couple apps to production

  • You care about UI / UX almost as much as you care about optimizing in Xcode Instruments

  • You know Objective-C and C++ doesn't scare you

  • You don't have to be based in the Bay Area or even the US

Benefits / Culture

We're early stage so we're still figuring it all out. The beauty of it is that you'll have a huge say on the direction this company goes and how it will grow over time.

Hopefully the journey can be very fun and rewarding!

How to apply

Email jobs@slidemailapp.com with a resume, a few snippets about yourself and a git repo if you have one.